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Natasha Febriana
10 November 2010 @ 11:59 pm

gaiiizz.. guess who's back?! 8D


idc abt what he's singing,, idc with his engrish (lol!),,
all i care abt is the fact that HE'S BACK!! dude,, i still can't believe it,,
i'm so happy i'm crying right now.. ;___;
he sounds great~~ ♫  and he's lookin good,, as always! ;3
welcome back,, dearie! haha.. C:

*goes back into fangirl mode kthxbaii*

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Natasha Febriana
09 November 2010 @ 05:52 am

Wewhh..it's 5AM here in Perth, Australia....yet I still can't sleep. Didn't really want to watch anything at the moment, randomly looking at blogs I've created and ended up here. Mannn,, I just realized that I haven't been here for ages....literally. My last post was in what...January? I feel guilty for suddenly disappeared from here. .___." My life was hectic ever since that time,, lots of stuff happened,, but still...I shouldn't have left without telling you guys in prior. u__u I'm quite surprised knowing that no one removes me from their friend lists. I'm really grateful for that...thank you so much from the deep of my heart,, I love you guys... ;____; ❤

So,, any of you wonder why I'm in Perth right now? Yeah,, I'm not in Seattle anymore :"D I've transferred here since July. It was a sudden decision,, though. Back to January,, I banned myself from going online on anywhere except MSN and Facebook (cuz I still need to keep in touch with my family) so I could be more concentrated on my study. I thought, one or two months hiatus wouldn't hurt. However,, something happened in May which lead to the decision of leaving Seattle. I never want to leave Seattle,, tbh I already think of it as my home,, I even love it more than I love my real home country. But for some reason I just had to,, so yeah.... :/

I didn't straightly transfer here in May. The classes wouldn't start before the beginning of July,, so I just went to my home country in Indonesia and spent time there during that time. I thought: "yayy~ I could go online again there..all day!" What I never expect was that the internet connection in Jakarta was much slower that what I used to have in Seattle. It was REALLY slow I felt like crying whenever I waited for something to be done loading. DD': Besides, my dear laptop died -- prolly because I had use it excessively for almost three years? That was how I gave up on my online life......again.

Here in Perth,, I have three cousins who have been here way earlier than me. We live all together in our family house. I used to borrowed the elder's laptop until I got a new one for me last week ^^ !! So don't be surprised if you see me often go online again from now on hahahah ;P especially because there's nothing interesting in here..lol >__> b-but really,, there's not much to see and idk why but most shops already closed at 5PM,, that's half-hour before my classes done wtf!! That's why most of the time I only stay in my room -- either studying,, sleeping,, or lazying around haha XD;; Oh well,, not that I can help it... :X

I've been here for almost five months now,, but I'm still having difficulties with adapting with different things here. From my personal experience,, I honestly think people in Seattle are MUCH nicer than people in here. Maybe natives in here don't really like Asians? But I also find it difficult to blend in with the Asian ones...so idk. .___." and everything is so expensive,, most things cost me twice from what I usually paid for when I was still in Seattle!! Oh my poor wallet... u__u a-and the weather..it's not even summer yet but the heat is killin meh already DD': i can't imagine celebrating Christmas in summer time (yes, the summer is around December in Australia, weird eh?).. Usually I play snow,, drink hot chocolate,, see people wear winter outfits everywhere during that time.. In here? Hmm..let's see... 8DD

*looks up* Oh wow,, I didn't realize that I've wrote quite a lot. XD half-hour passed already and I'm getting sleepy right now..lol. I think ima sleep a bit so I won't fall asleep in class later. Even only for an hour will do..hahah -w- Then I'll be back to see what's up with everyone in here! hehe.. :DD Well then,, au revoir~~ ^^

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Natasha Febriana
18 January 2010 @ 03:26 am
i've been playing "외톨이야" on repeat.. love this song and the MV is great! and yayy..finally got the album! ♪♪ i'm pleased with "Bluetory", just like with their previous albums :D ♥ my fave song is "외톨이야", i like the beat, it's really refreshing~ there's too much pop lately, so yeah.. ^^;; "Love Revolution" and "Now Or Never" sound a bit funny in Korean.. XD "Y. Why..." and "그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다..." too, but still they sound better than the other two. or maybe that's just because i'm not used to them yet? hahah :3 "그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다..." has same music with "Teardrops In The Rain" but i guess its lyric has different meaning. Jonghyun and Yonghwa have nice voice~ overall, i like this album! i just wish there were more songs in it ;P

it's dangerous, they keep stealing my focus from FTIsland lmao! but yeah idk..other than Honggi in "You're Beautiful" and Wonbin with his tiny updates, i could care less with other stuff. which is weird. o.o is FTIsland still a rock-ballad band or it's changed already?? cuz they seem more like a pop band now, imo.. =.= "Jump Up" & "Raining" were great, "Double Date" was good.. "Cross & Change" was fun but not my fave :X i didn't follow FT Triple and haven't seen the whole FTIsland does TV perfs anymore since then :( they better make more good music and show something impressive.. u__u FTI,, hwaiting!! >o<;;


real life? i slept over at friend's home :D which is why i wasn't online for a few days,, if anyone's missing me. *slap myself XD* now i feel lonely sleeping in my own room with no one's around..huhuhu TT__TT
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Natasha Febriana
09 January 2010 @ 11:54 pm
uhh...happy super belated new year? ^^ *at least it hasn't reach 2-digits date XD;;* i hope everyone had fun during Christmas and new year time!~ i sure did..hahaha :DDD holiday is always fun,, although it's not snowing this year and i didn't go skiing at all >__> BUT i spent time with friends a lot, enough to make up for everything else. C:

Wonbin! why disappear again?! D: it's been days and there's still nothing new.. go post something or i'll be mad! >o<" *lol..look who's talking right now XD* oh well, maybe he's back to school and busy again.. Binie! try to post update whenever you have time, okay? :)) ♥

winter quarter! this year i'll try to be a good student :d i need to repeat some courses thanks to my laziness.. -__- from now on, i will study everyday, skip no class and try to get straight A's~ it's been good so far.. i got full marks in all assignments for this week 8D let's hope this will continue until the end!! :DD *cheers for myself*

while it's still weekend,, ima watch FTI's concerts~ i haven't properly watch any, they all just sit nicely on the table as display..lmao XD;; and maybe last episode of YB if i'm still awake after that? cuz i'm stuck at episode 15 since forever ago.. too busy following JoKwon-GaIn's WGM? hahahah.. they're such a lovely couple btw! ♥ hmm..yeah.. idk what else to say XD well, enjoy your weekend, f-list!! ;3
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Natasha Febriana

cr: Wonbin's CY + iHeartFTIsland @ silh0uette / OhNAMJA.
dear God, please make my only wish come true~ ♥
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Natasha Febriana
19 December 2009 @ 11:23 pm
I haven't sleep since two days ago.. >.>;; I actually planned to sleep last night but then i couldn't. my feet hurt so badly after walking for the whole day on 5.25" heels.. T-T boots are indeed made for....killing my feet. hahaha x'D i hate being too short. grow taller plz?! ><

I wonder how was Wonbin with his skiing? I hope he had fun time :) and maybe update again later? ^^ I wish I could join him, though.. Binieee~~ please take me there!! let's do fail skiing like JoKwon-GaIn in WGM,, it must be fun!! XD♥ hahahaha..

"Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town" was playing in Disney Store when a boy beside me asked to his mom, "is Santa a CIA agent?" and she replied, "what??" and he replied, "because he knows everything. he's stalking me!!". i burst into laugh and his mom was like, *surprised* o.o "i never teach him that XD;;" lol! kids these days.. @w@

oh! I decided to name my huge dog plush "Jolie"! XD i got it from my friend two years ago,, but i never name it. tbh I always thought it's a male..lol. but from now on,, i'll call her "Jolie~~" like Jeremy did :P

I have nothing to write XD here is random Nat being random.. *runs*
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Natasha Febriana
16 December 2009 @ 08:28 am
Locked the previous entry because it's sad.. x-x i'm still upset about that.. but what's done is done, no use to cry over spilled milk.. so yeah, i'll stay positive.. even if she doesn't wanna be friends anymore, at least i learned a lesson and could expiate from it.. :')

On the other hands, I was randomly posting OhNAMJA's project for Wonbin on FTIsland Thailand forum because Kwang is there.. and I'm surprised that 19 people joined in less than two hours. O__O" I honestly never thought many members would want to join since I've clearly stated the deadline.. After all, it supposed to be a small project, not overseas project lol XD I talked to Yuyu and she said it's okay.. I hope Jinnie will be fine with it too..hehe ^^;;

I'm still so VERY happy because Binie updated his CY...twice!! and it's totally revamped omg @@ ♥ it has Christmas-y feeling right now, no more emo-ness ^^ the edited photos are cute~ he looks skinnier but still healthy.. new profile pic is cute too ;3 and his message!♥ i really hope it will stay like this,, not only for now.. I LOVE YOU, BINIE! :]

Seunghyun and Honggi's incidents......you know what, forget those. They will just ruin my mood for the whole day again. bleh. >:(


What else? hmm..i sleep a lot these days~kekeke *revenge after lack of sleep during finals? hahahah* oh! yesterday Wayne treats me lunch at Sushiland.. thank you!! :9 and today ima go shopping with Chelle~ i'll see if i could find nice belated present for Jaejin.. then gonna download and watch FTIsland stuff from 3 months ago omg.. and watch YB of course!~~ busy..busy.. XD;;
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Natasha Febriana
05 December 2009 @ 11:23 pm
I have materials to read for final exams preparation next week but my brain refused to work XD;; so I did something else instead :P ↙↙

Sugar cookie!! yumm yumm~ I used fondant for the pig nose and melted chocolate bark for ribbon ;9 I tried making the plush too ㅋㅋㅋ

errr..doesn't look like the real pig-rabbit at all, but whatever..lol XD

*goes away to start reading..hopefully i won't fall asleep soon*

Good luck with your exams too! talk to you girls later,, take care~

PS: i'll read entries and update as soon as finals end.. :'D
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Natasha Febriana
27 November 2009 @ 02:34 pm
i'm not supposed to be here but omg i missed an important day..
yesterday is my first year of being an FTIsland's primadonna!! :DD ♥
i still remember how it all started,, it was a pure coincidence..
how i found this while doing research about Japanese teens life,,

used it for a project before i realized he is a band member lol XD
found out about FTI, start admiring Honggi's amazing voice..
was afraid of Jonghun before i know he's an MBC XD silly, rite? y__y
be a Primadonna in no time.. like, less than three days.. :3
and i suddenly felt my life is complete! *eww it sounds cheesy*
almost go to "Rock Prince" and "My First Dream" but 'i can go later...'
when that's actually my last chance to see old FTI concert.. ;___;
i died inside when Wonbin quits.. don't want to think about it again...
had a hard time to accept the fact and welcome Seunghyun..
but somehow i did *he's a cute alien XD* taadaa! i'm still here~^^
many things happened in a year,, i hope for good things in the future
FTIsland jjang!! Wonbin too!! don't disappoint me, okayy?! :') ♥

how i want all six of them together like this...
:: © killer.90 ::

writing this again..just in case someday i couldn't remember,,haha..
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Natasha Febriana
14 November 2009 @ 06:36 am
i'm surprised that they're releasing new OST album.. @@
does it mean there will be more episodes? wawhh!! *cross fingers*
i need more Taekyung-Minam.. and Shinwoo-?? and Jeremy-??..
though i doubt they'll ever get girls XD but who knows..lol

finally listened to GeunSuk's "Goodbye"~ it's actually nice.. :)
could it be Taekyung's remake of Otteokajo song Minam's dad wrote?
cuz for some reason i think of Mo Hwa Ran a lot while listening XD

YongHwa's "Because I'm Stupid" is also on repeat..hhe ♪♪
he's good~ why he didn't get any solo song in the new album?! D:
but maybe he was busy preparing album with C.N.Blue. oh well.. =.=

pig-rabbit,, please be released asap,, i can't wait anymore.. :<
yayy,,it's out~ ordered it just now..^^ hopefully it'll arrive soon >w<


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cinyi (kikinu4eva)! ~ *^-^* have a great one.. ;) ♥


for those who don't know where to buy pig-rabbit :3
just click any of the links ~ Gmarket | DVDheaven | Yesasia ^^
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Natasha Febriana
02 November 2009 @ 04:19 am
Nothing much happened in these two weeks but I still don't know how to sum it up XD I'll write just whatever appears in my mind..haha :P

Actually all I did last week was lazying around. Weekend started earlier on Wednesday afternoon since chemistry class on Thursday was canceled. ^^ Slept through the day until Friday to pay off the lack of sleep during previous weeks~ lol. My craving for sweets is getting worse lately :X Now I have more pounds to lose compared to last month.. T__T" I planned to exercise but it rains all the time in Seattle. Obviously this lazy bummer didn't want to run in the cold rain and prefered to snuggle in blanket while foruming instead..lmao XD

I managed to clean up files in laptop and download the HQ version of "You're Beautiful" episodes up to eight. I watched them already on ipod but it's such a pain since there was no sub before, so I watched them all again XD Honggi is way adorable there,, like a clueless kid who lost in his own imagination >w< ♥ too bad they showed less and less of him.. I need more Jeremy scenes, please.. D': it seems like the drama is now more focused on the love triangle? square? or even pentagon? (if Heeyi & Jeremy were included). hah, it's too complicated I don't know what correct words to use.. x__x"

I really like Shinwoo's character. he's like the perfect man, imo.. and without realizing it, I'm really falling for Yonghwa~kekeke XD I've listened to C.N.Blue's song before and liked the fifth track, but I didn't know who sing it since I didn't pay much attention before. I joined one of C.N.Blue forums last week and read there that Yonghwa is the vocalist. So I guess he is the one who sings it? aaawwhh... ♥___♥ ♪ and errr...I think I'm liking Kwangjin too...but he left already. Wonbin, Jaebeom, Kwangjin, Jaejoong & Yoochun (my first love before I ditched them for Binie & Honggi xD) -- okay forget them since they're still in the group. Maybe I have ex-member fetish, if that's even exist.. XD;;

I need more money!!! *cries* sheesh. now I sound like a materialistic girl, don't I? >__> But textbooks really consumed a lot, like $700ish for four subjects. Tuition, room rent, phone bill, not to mention I spent much on unimportant stuff too..hahaha.. -__-" There all my quarterly allowance gone... I wonder when I will be able to get all FTIsland's old albums and single and C.N.Blue's album on my hands... Y___Y

I have no idea what else to write about XD that's basically everything in my mind right now~ I'm sure no one wants to read another rant about how tiring school is, right? :) Oh, I did a cover of "말도 없이"! XD it's my first time, so hopefully I didn't ruin the song that much.. -w-;; just listen and comment HERE if you want :3 hmm...yep I think that's all. take good care of yourselves, f-list!~ see you later ..^^..
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Natasha Febriana
18 October 2009 @ 06:43 am
I guess I'll stick with once a week update for awhile... :/

But it's finally weekend! ^^ no school, i feel so alive~~kekeke :D ☆

Yesterday, Permias Seattle held a fund-raising for earthquake victims in Padang. People could sell any kind of traditional foods and also perform there. Marcell and I made 15 pans of "martabak" filled with chocolate, cheese and peanuts. All of them were sold out! ^^ Oh, and I was amazed to see American women danced a traditional dance from Padang. They did it perfectly.. amazing.. O__O

After that, we went to Trophy Cupcake shop in Wallingford. I've been craving for it since two weeks ago! I tried to go there alone by bus but then I got lost.. T___T *I remember texting with [info]livelovespeak37 at that time.. XD* I wanted Chai Cardamom but it's not available, so I just got Chocolate....something (forgot the name) and Red Velvet instead. I also bought Carrot Walnut, Lemon Coconut, Triple Coconut and another Red Velvet for to-go.. yumm yumm! :9

Anyway! I just knew that FTI had released a new song.. Woah, super fast... @@ However, I'm glad they're finally back to ballads, hopefully the whole album will be good~~ ♪♪ and I listened to Wonbin's song.. omg he kinda sounds girly(?) there XD XD it's even smoother than when he sings "Always Be Mine".. no more angsty rap, huh? kekeke :P I kept laughing at first but it was cute nonetheless :) I'm still looking forward to all his future release. Binie jjang! hwaiting! ♥


lmao! some people said they couldn't even recognize his parts.. XD err..seriously?? o.O but I recognized it when i listened at the first time.. o.ó maybe they just didn't really listen to it, that's why.. >__>"
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Natasha Febriana
09 October 2009 @ 05:03 am
Aishh..I'm such a liar.. T__T Last time I said I'm done with hiatus but then I haven't write or comment until now.. I just didn't know this quarter would be this busy.. I barely had a chance to go online besides on college web site, not even on Facebook and Me2day.. D:

The great news is.. FTIsland's "Raining" PV is out! ^^ Honggi's voice never fails to amaze me, and Jaejin's voice sounds more mature than before! ♪♪ The video is really well-made and everyone looks good.. :) ♥ Here's the DL link for its MP4 if anyone wants it: CLICK HERE!~

On the other hand,, everything is quite good.. All personal problems had been solved already,, and I ended up having lots of fun during that trip to Indonesia and Singapore ^^ I asked my boyfriend to end our relationship.. My parents didn't really welcome him that much since he is a Japanese, so yeah... Y__Y I'm glad we could still be friends.. 8} College life is getting more hectic,, but I won't give up~ must study hard and do the best for Binie Pooh! haha XD

Speaking about him,, I heard that he would sing for one of Honggi's "You're Beautiful" drama soundtracks? omg..finally.. I've been waiting for so long.. ;___; I'm anticipating it much!! ♥ ♥ It better be good, Wonbin.. or I'll hunt you down and eat you up!! RAWR!! >D


Oh! Happy belated birthday to all these lovely girls: Tru ([info]tehwook), Trang ([info]love_fti), Michele ([info]leonger) and Cyndi ([info]cynddong)~~! ☆ ☆ Sorry for being late as always, but I hope you girls had lots of fun on your special day and stay happy! ヾo.(^▽^)v♪ I love you all.. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Natasha Febriana
25 September 2009 @ 01:27 am
Hello! How's everyone doing? Any good news to share? =D*

I haven't seen you all for ages.. hopefully I'm not forgotten yet ^^;;
So,, I had arrived back in Seattle last night after a long flight :3
Now I must catch up with college, all you girls and everything else.. :X
But I'm still tired.. ==" I'll just write more & comment next time ne?

Talk to you girls sometimes later.. zZzZz... *goes to dreamland*
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Natasha Febriana
25 August 2009 @ 01:06 pm
Hiatus... (。・ε・。)

I have to leave to Indonesia from tomorrow night until Sept 21..
There's sth to take care of.. hopefully it'll end up well.. ><"
I hope I could also have fun while I'm there.. :P
I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to go online, though.. ==;;
But I'll try to catch up with you guys whenever I could!
My lovely friends, please always take care! Until then, bye bye~ ^^
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Natasha Febriana
16 August 2009 @ 03:20 am
-  Oh  N A M J A  -
1st international forum dedicated to Oh Wonbin
(previously x.Binified) is re-opened..

click the banner to visit the forum.. :D*

credits for banner: joy.ft.love @ OhNamja

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Natasha Febriana
05 August 2009 @ 01:08 am
krillia unnie tagged me with goat bassist~~~!! ♪♪
*I'm surprised..haha.. I thought you would ask for Jonghun XD*

1. Answer the questions with pictures of the person/character you were tagged with.
2. Tag five other people and provide them with a person/character.

1. Choose a picture of the funniest face on your person.

(credit: www.ftislandthailand.com)
Not funny enough? How about a cute gif instead? 8D

(credit: - )

2. Choose a picture of your person eating.

(credit: tv.oricon.co.jp)

3. Choose a picture of your person with an animal.

(credit: as tagged)
Goat and sheeps...reunited!!! XD
and Wonbin's smile was really CUTE... o( ^3・)o

4. Choose a picture of your person with the opposite sex.

(credit: - )
Uh.. that girl was so lucky... >.>;;

5. Choose a picture of where you would have sex with this person.

(credit: - )
Beach would be nice ♥ ♥ .....without those two :P

6. Choose a picture of your favorite outfit on this person.

(credit: Naver)

(credit: FTIsland Official Web Site)

7. Choose a picture of your person smiling.

(credit: FTIsland Official Web Site)

8. Choose a picture of your person half / naked.

(credit: www.fticn.com)
Childhood pic? hehe.. XD

9. Choose a picture of your person doing an out door activity.

(credit: as tagged)
two half-naked Jinnie in a row, anyone? 8D

10. Choose your favorite picture of this person.

(credit: FTIsland Official Web Site)
My very first pic of Jaejin~~! Saved on Nov 28, 2008.. ^^


I don't know whom to tag XD just tell me if you want to be tagged XD
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Natasha Febriana
01 August 2009 @ 06:14 am
Hi, all! I hope everyone hasn't forget about me.. (^.^);; I know I haven't been here for ages, I'm sorry for being a bad friend.. School eats up my life, which means nothing fun happens during these time.. and I'm sure you guys don't want to read my rant about school either ==" But whenever I have spare time, I always spend it on googling over Wonbin & FT Island.. it's weird to write them separately because they are one in my mind T.T It helps a lot to get rid of my boredom.. hehe :P I've been visiting some forums and blogs to stay updated but it's hard because they keep changing so fast! ><

Their comeback stage...errr...wasn't as what I expected.. However, it's refreshing to see a different style once in awhile.. =] I hope it's only for this time, though.. I must admit that I am more into their heart-broken songs.. Honggi's powerful voice really shines there, and I love how he puts all his emotion into every song and we can feel it. I also miss angsty rap, I wonder if Seunghyun will do that later @@ although it probably would make me miss Wonbin even more.. :X

Anyway, Jaejin wrote on Minhwan's blog that they will release a new Japanese album around October! I love "Prologue of FTI: Soyogi", hopefully this new album will be great too. But they need to get enough rest before getting busy with another promotion.. D: On the other hand, I barely see any update about Wonbin v__v I miss him so much yet I could do nothing... T.T I hope he's in good condition and doing fine with everything.. I will always wait for him until he comes back *^-^* FTI jjang! Wonbin jjang! Hwaiting~~!!
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Natasha Febriana
I had nothing to do so I ripped the DVD and upload it on Youtube.
But my internet connection was extremely slow, I could only upload four parts in almost two hours.. x___x"

- Part 2: click here! ♥ ~ Part 3: click here! ♥ ~ Part 4: click here! ♥ -

I want to continue uploading the rest of the part but I gotta get ready for school now, so I will just upload them later... ^^



Part 5: click here! ♥ ~ Part 6: click here! ♥
Part 7: click here! ♥ ~ Part 8: click here! ♥



Part 9: click here! ♥ ~ Part 10: click here! ♥
Part 11: click here! ♥ ~ Part 12: click here! ♥
Part 13: click here! ♥ ~ Part 14: click here! ♥

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Natasha Febriana
02 July 2009 @ 02:41 pm
Just a quick update.. I'm still alive! haha :P Summer classes has started since yesterday. I'm taking 25 credits, must get higher G.P.A and no more skipping class from now on! >:] But tomorrow will be non-instructional day, so YAYY for more day-off! ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶

Has anyone watch this before?? =D I've never seen this on Youtube, Veoh or other streaming sites.. so I just posted it on Youtube :)* They sang cover songs of "Hana" by Orange Range and "Makenaide" by Zard. Everyone looks so happy and dances a bit.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

That's all for now~~ will be back if more fun things happen later.. :P
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Natasha Febriana
20 June 2009 @ 05:05 pm

Thanks to [info]imhitomi for showing this web site..^^
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Natasha Febriana
18 June 2009 @ 08:38 am
YAYY.. I'm back to LJ! *finally done with my final exams!! x)*

So happy with those unbelievable high mark..haha ;3

Spring quarter officially ended and summer break starts today! ^^

Now I'm gonna try to catch up with all FT Island's stuff!! :D

Watch old shows I've been wanting to watch since a century ago,,

and maybe the "Mnet Scandal" that everyone's talking about :X

Then gonna hunt for cute pics to untangled my mind.. lol! ;P

If there is anything that I missed, please let me know, chingu-ah!~*
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Natasha Febriana

에프티 아일랜드.. 기념일을 축하합니다~~!!

.. 오원빈 이홍기 최민환 최종훈 이재진 ..

you guys had brought me so much joy and happiness,

spiced up my life with your great music

brightened my days with all the cheerfulness and dorkiness

maybe I've known FTIsland for short period only,

but I'm really thankful for those precious moments... ^-^

I wish all the very best just for you guys *including you, Binnie!*

FTIsland jjang! Binnie jjang! HWAITING~~!!

oh, and Seunghyun.. do your best too,

you must show us that you deserve that spot! rawrr.. >:]

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Natasha Febriana

As usual, I was staying up all night long.. I supposed to study, do my econ paper and cram on my take-home accounting exam which due tonight. But I didn’t and decided to do them in the morning instead. I got something much more interesting to do, which is to upload a super awesome stuff~~! This is what I'm talking about xD xD...

That was FT Island's never-been-released-before MV: "Girls Don't Know" (여자는 몰라 / Yeojaneun Molla)!! FYI, it's included in their "2nd Live Concert: Rock Prince" DVD as bonus. I'm totally happy it's finally here.. \(^o^)/ Aren't these boys looking so DAMN gorgeous?! xD i almost forget how good-looking Honggi was in short hair-cut, and now I kinda miss it. ( ̄ε ̄) Wonbin looks cool and manly yet a bit.. uhm.. pretty at the same time.. =.= but i LOVE him no matter what!! (>ω<) And the other boys indeed look freakin' stunning too!~~

Honggi and Wonbin's superb voice never fail to impressed me. Even after listening to this song for at least a hundred time so far, I'm still amazed. ♪♪ Their voice blend in perfectly and I just simply adore it..
desperately miss Wonbin. I had been holding my tears since the very beginning, but right after the second Wonbin starts singing, all my tears just poured uncontrollably. I sobbed for some times before I managed to write this.. (V3V) i HATE myself for being such a drama queen. But I always become one when it comes to Binnie.. D:

Anyway.. the setting, lighting and their outfits were all great~~ Lots
of zoom-in, I like! ♥ ♥ Honggi's dramatic face expression suits the song very well. Wonbin's eye stares killed me.. *__* and we can clearly see these boys passionately play their instruments (・∇・●) Take a look at 2:53-3:10 where Jonghun plays his guitar..what an amazing skill! @__@ Jaejin plays his bass as great as Wonbin plays his guitar. Oh, have I told you that I love his haircut in here? hahaha.. Little Minhwan closed his eyes a lot while seriously plays his drums, but it makes him look cute..hehe.. o( ^3・)o

Overall, this MV is perfect~~!! ★★★ And I'm pretty amused to be the first one to upload it on Youtube.. yay! (∀)♪ *I don't know about other streaming sites, though..* Just a bit upset because Youtube ruins the quality. This file supposed to appears good, but it doesn't. Oh, well.. ;( Hope to see more great stuff from Wonbin & FT Island in the future! Everyone, HWAITING!! (o'▽'o)9 Nomu saranghaeyo.... ♥♥♥


Click here to watch the HQ version!
This one was uploaded by hwannielove @ Youtube~

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Natasha Febriana
15 May 2009 @ 11:05 am

多くの試験と宿題。 とても疲れました。 メモ

もうそれはしたくない。 私は人生が必要! 犬(NG)

とにかく。。。私はうわさを聞いてくる9月のWonbinバック!! ビックリ!

しかし、彼よりは少し休息を望んでいる。 だから彼のために待機してください。

それが真実だと期待したい。 私が待っています! ゴメン

私はそのニュースを聞いて満足している~~~ チューリップ(赤)

Wonbin 、心配しないでください!私はいつもあなたをお待ちしております。。

あなたの時間と休憩を取るね!  チュッ

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Natasha Febriana
03 May 2009 @ 09:03 am

みんな、元気していた? ひまわり ひまわり


あたしは勉強する必要がありますので、 本

ここに新たな物語を書くのに時間がなかった。 めっちゃアセアセ


とにかく、今日の天気は本当に良いようだ! 太陽

これは私たち全員にとっても良い一日となることを願っ~~! ニッコニコ

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Natasha Febriana
21 April 2009 @ 05:42 pm

私はWonbin が大好きです。。。とても大好きです!! ハート

彼は本当にハンサムですね?  一目ぼれ

私は彼に会うとき、すっごくドキドキしているよ~~ ダッシュ

私は彼にすごく逃す、私は再び彼に会うのが待ちきれない。。。 涙ポロリ

彼を返すまでの彼のサポートを維持しましょう !! 星星

Wonbin 。。。がんばってね!~~~  ギターギターギター
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Natasha Febriana
16 April 2009 @ 08:09 pm
みんな、はじめまして! ^-^

あたしは Naa-chan です。 十八 才 です。 18

あたしは インドネシアです。 女の子

でも、あたしはアメリカ に住んでいます。 家

あたしはEdmonds コミュニティーカレッジの学生です。 本

趣味 は
音楽鑑賞レディング料理 です。 ルンルン♪ルンルン♪

あたしはFTIのPrimadonnaですWonbin Honggi が大好き <33

新しい友達を作るように あたしも! o.(^__^).v

みなさん仲良くしてください。 よろしく おねがいします! デレデレ

- Naachan -
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Natasha Febriana
14 April 2009 @ 04:38 pm
I'm Natasha, 18 years old, Indonesian but currently a college student in Seattle, USA. I speak English and Japanese and I'm trying to learn Korean too. ^^;; I've been really into FTIsland for almost five months now. I love this band so much, so I would probably post a lot about them. My fave member is Oh Wonbin *of course I support my boyfriend the most!*. He is the second singer, rapper, guitarist and harmonicist. He dances too! err..you can strike that one XD I also like the main vocalist Lee Honggi. He has such a unique husky voice. I really admire him for that.. ♪♪ They are pretty much the major reason why I become a Primadonna~~ ☆☆

I also listen to BIG BANG, C.N.Blue, DBSK, 2PM, Younha a lot. Besides listening to music, I like traveling, taking pictures, cooking, watching TV shows, web browsing and sleeping.. :P I'm just living an ordinary life, but I hope I could share many interesting stuff with you guys! ^^ Honestly, I created this account only so I could comment on someone's entry. XD But now I'll use this to find more Primadonnas to spazz together..LOL! Whether we share similar interest or not, please always feel free to add me as friend.. Anyway, thank you for visiting!~ Hope to see you again later.. =)*

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